De Beer’s AMS-2 (Automated Melee Screening for CVD/HPHT/Simulants/Diamonds)

The AMS2 (Automated Melee Screening) instrument from De Beers Group Ignite represents a significant technological advance in the field of diamond melee screening.

A product of De Beers’ world-leading expertise in diamond research, it is a revolutionary measurement technique that gives a much lower referral rate than its predecessor.

Operating at a much higher speed, the AMS2 instrument accepts a wider range of stone sizes and shapes with smaller minimum sizes, yet is available at a lower cost than the previous generation AMS device.

Around 99 per cent of colourless and near colourless stones will pass and require no further examination. The AMS2 will refer for further tests all synthetics and simulants and less than one per cent of natural diamonds. These referred stones can then be looked at on the DiamondView.

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