Velvet Jewelry Box H18

H18 jewelry box:

The outside material is leather, the inside can be lined with velvet, microfiber… the material can be changed according to customer requirements.

Minimum quantity for logo printing: at least 500 boxes

The information inside and outside the box can be embossed

There are 4 popular colors: white, coffee brown, pink and leather brown. H18 jewelry box brings fancy and luxurious style with reasonable price.

For other colors, please contact us for more information.

H18 jewelry box has many types of boxes with different sizes, please contact for a quote and more detailed advice.


Small ring box 4,8*5,6*4 cm
Small wire box 7*8,4×3,5 cm
Long wire box 21,7×5.8×2.1 cm
Ring box 8,5*9,5*3,6 cm
Double ring box 7,5*5,2*4 cm
Box set 15,8*16,3*4 cm
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