ASET IDEAL – Scope Kit

    This ASET scope kit is best used for fancy shaped diamonds and super ideal cut rounds. The LED 10X top quality loupe makes it easy to examine diamonds for non-experts and the UV light enables you to check diamonds for fluorescence. The locking tweezers and stone holder help you hold gems and reduce drops and pings! The mobile phone comparison tray has 2 hole seats for comparing diamonds to the calibration top quality CZ. This tray is made of a special plastic that has a UV blocking function. You can screen out UV and see if a blue fluorescent diamond drops in color when UV in lighting is absent. The LED 10X top quality glass lens loupe is great for checking diamond inclusions, jewelry prongs or fluorescence. You can take pictures by placing a phone or point and click camera lens touching the lens of the loupe or the ASET Scope.

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