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ADC Jewelry

AD is a leading company specializing in providing diamond jewelry solutions. Currently, AD Company is promoting a number of products for gold shops with diamond jewelry business such as: diamond inscription viewer, gemological microscope, diamond ruler, high-class jewelry box, light box for jewelry photography, etc…

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Imported products

All products are imported directly from foreign countries such as the US and Europe where modern science is developed.

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Competitive price

We are committed that the price of our products is always at the best for jewelry stores, agents, individuals or companies.

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Quick support

A team of technicians will answer and provide technical support for products quickly, enthusiastically and professionally.

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Trial products

Our products always have trial products before customers officially buy.


Our series of detailed product guides


Update the latest news, product manuals


In relations with partners, AD Technology Co., Ltd always conducts activities in the spirit of mutual respect, cooperation for mutual benefits and compliance with Vietnamese laws for long-term development

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